Bible Cross References
Job 38:2
Who are you to question my wisdom with your ignorant, empty words?
Psalm 40:5
You have done many things for us, O LORD our God; there is no one like you! You have made many wonderful plans for us. I could never speak of them all--- their number is so great!
Psalm 131:1
LORD, I have given up my pride and turned away from my arrogance. I am not concerned with great matters or with subjects too difficult for me.
Psalm 139:6
Your knowledge of me is too deep; it is beyond my understanding.
Proverbs 30:2-4
I am more like an animal than a human being; I do not have the sense we humans should have.
I have never learned any wisdom, and I know nothing at all about God.
Have any ever mastered heavenly knowledge? Have any ever caught the wind in their hands? Or wrapped up water in a piece of cloth? Or fixed the boundaries of the earth? Who are they, if you know? Who are their children?