Bible Cross References
he wearieth
Job 36:27
It is God who takes water from the earth and turns it into drops of rain.
Job 36:28
He lets the rain pour from the clouds in showers for all human beings.
he scattereth
Job 36:30
He sends lightning through all the sky, but the depths of the sea remain dark.
Job 36:32
He seizes the lightning with his hands and commands it to hit the mark.
Isaiah 18:4
The LORD said to me, "I will look down from heaven as quietly as the dew forms in the warm nights of harvest time, as serenely as the sun shines in the heat of the day.
Matthew 17:5
While he was talking, a shining cloud came over them, and a voice from the cloud said, "This is my own dear Son, with whom I am pleased---listen to him!"