Bible Cross References
Who hath
Job 34:13-33
Did God get his power from someone else? Did someone put him in charge of the world?
If God took back the breath of life,
then everyone living would die and turn into dust again.
Now listen to me, if you are wise.
Are you condemning the righteous God? Do you think that he hates justice?
God condemns kings and rulers when they are worthless or wicked.
He does not take the side of rulers nor favor the rich over the poor, for he created everyone.
We may suddenly die at night. God strikes us down and we perish; he kills the mighty with no effort at all.
He watches every step we take.
There is no darkness dark enough to hide a sinner from God.
God does not need to set a time for us to go and be judged by him.
He does not need an investigation to remove leaders and replace them with others.
Because he knows what they do; he overthrows them and crushes them by night.
He punishes sinners where all can see it,
because they have stopped following him and ignored all his commands.
They forced the poor to cry out to God, and he heard their calls for help.
If God decided to do nothing at all, no one could criticize him. If he hid his face, we would be helpless.
There would be nothing that nations could do to keep godless oppressors from ruling them.
Job, have you confessed your sins to God and promised not to sin again?
Have you asked God to show you your faults, and have you agreed to stop doing evil?
Since you object to what God does, can you expect him to do what you want? The decision is yours, not mine; tell us now what you think.
Isaiah 40:13
Can anyone tell the LORD what to do? Who can teach him or give him advice?
Isaiah 40:14
With whom does God consult in order to know and understand and to learn how things should be done?
Romans 11:34
As the scripture says, "Who knows the mind of the Lord? Who is able to give him advice?
1 Corinthians 2:16
As the scripture says, "Who knows the mind of the Lord? Who is able to give him advice?" We, however, have the mind of Christ.
Ephesians 1:11
All things are done according to God's plan and decision; and God chose us to be his own people in union with Christ because of his own purpose, based on what he had decided from the very beginning.
Job 8:3
God never twists justice; he never fails to do what is right.
Job 34:10
Listen to me, you men who understand! Will Almighty God do what is wrong?
Job 40:8
Are you trying to prove that I am unjust--- to put me in the wrong and yourself in the right?
Romans 2:5
But you have a hard and stubborn heart, and so you are making your own punishment even greater on the Day when God's anger and righteous judgments will be revealed.
Romans 3:5
But what if our doing wrong serves to show up more clearly God's doing right? Can we say that God does wrong when he punishes us? (This would be the natural question to ask.)
Romans 9:14
Shall we say, then, that God is unjust? Not at all.