Bible Cross References
Job 1:22
In spite of everything that had happened, Job did not sin by blaming God.
Job 34:10-12
Listen to me, you men who understand! Will Almighty God do what is wrong?
He rewards people for what they do and treats them as they deserve.
Almighty God does not do evil; he is never unjust to anyone.
Job 34:17-19
Are you condemning the righteous God? Do you think that he hates justice?
God condemns kings and rulers when they are worthless or wicked.
He does not take the side of rulers nor favor the rich over the poor, for he created everyone.
Job 34:23-19
Job 35:2
(SEE 35:1)
Job 36:22
Remember how great is God's power; he is the greatest teacher of all.
Job 36:23
No one can tell God what to do or accuse him of doing evil.
Ezekiel 18:25
"But you say, 'What the Lord does isn't right.' Listen to me, you Israelites. Do you think my way of doing things isn't right? It is your way that isn't right.
Romans 9:19-21
But one of you will say to me, "If this is so, how can God find fault with anyone? Who can resist God's will?"
But who are you, my friend, to talk back to God? A clay pot does not ask the man who made it, "Why did you make me like this?"
After all, the man who makes the pots has the right to use the clay as he wishes, and to make two pots from the same lump of clay, one for special occasions and the other for ordinary use.
I will
Job 32:17
No, I will give my own answer now and tell you what I think.
Job 35:4
I am going to answer you and your friends too.
Job 9:4
God is so wise and powerful; no one can stand up against him.
Job 26:14
But these are only hints of his power, only the whispers that we have heard. Who can know how truly great God is?
Job 36:5
How strong God is! He despises no one; there is nothing he doesn't understand.
Job 40:2
(SEE 40:1)
Job 40:8
Are you trying to prove that I am unjust--- to put me in the wrong and yourself in the right?
Job 40:9
Are you as strong as I am? Can your voice thunder as loud as mine?
Jeremiah 18:6
"Don't I have the right to do with you people of Israel what the potter did with the clay? You are in my hands just like clay in the potter's hands.