Bible Cross References
cut off
Job 6:9
If only he would go ahead and kill me!
2 Kings 22:20
and the punishment which I am going to bring on Jerusalem will not come until after your death. I will let you die in peace." The men returned to King Josiah with this message.
Isaiah 57:1
Good people die, and no one understands or even cares. But when they die, no calamity can hurt them.
the darkness from
Job 15:22
They have no hope of escaping from darkness, for somewhere a sword is waiting to kill them,
Job 18:6
The lamp in their tents will be darkened.
Job 18:18
They will be driven out of the land of the living, driven from light into darkness.
Job 19:8
God has blocked the way, and I can't get through; he has hidden my path in darkness.
Job 22:11
It has grown so dark that you cannot see, and a flood overwhelms you.