Bible Cross References
the check
Job 19:29
But now, be afraid of the sword--- the sword that brings God's wrath on sin, so that you will know there is one who judges.
the spirit
Job 20:2
(SEE 20:1)
Job 27:11
Let me teach you how great is God's power, and explain what Almighty God has planned.
Job 33:3
All my words are sincere, and I am speaking the truth.
Psalm 49:3
My thoughts will be clear; I will speak words of wisdom.
Psalm 78:2-5
I am going to use wise sayings and explain mysteries from the past,
things we have heard and known, things that our ancestors told us.
We will not keep them from our children; we will tell the next generation about the LORD's power and his great deeds and the wonderful things he has done.
He gave laws to the people of Israel and commandments to the descendants of Jacob. He instructed our ancestors to teach his laws to their children,