Bible Cross References
Job 29:19
I was like a tree whose roots always have water and whose branches are wet with dew.
Isaiah 5:24
So now, just as straw and dry grass shrivel and burn in the fire, your roots will rot and your blossoms will dry up and blow away, because you have rejected what the LORD Almighty, Israel's holy God, has taught us.
Hosea 9:16
The people of Israel are like a plant whose roots have dried up and which bears no fruit. They will have no children, but even if they did, I would kill the children so dear to them."
Amos 2:9
"And yet, my people, it was for your sake that I totally destroyed the Amorites, who were as tall as cedar trees and as strong as oaks.
Malachi 4:1
The LORD Almighty says, "The day is coming when all proud and evil people will burn like straw. On that day they will burn up, and there will be nothing left of them.
shall his branch
Job 5:3
I have seen fools who looked secure, but I called down a sudden curse on their homes.
Job 5:4
Their children can never find safety; no one stands up to defend them in court.
Job 15:30
and they will not escape from darkness. They will be like trees whose branches are burned by fire, whose blossoms are blown away by the wind.