Bible Cross References
the Tirshatha
Nehemiah 8:9
When the people heard what the Law required, they were so moved that they began to cry. So Nehemiah, who was the governor, Ezra, the priest and scholar of the Law, and the Levites who were explaining the Law told all the people, "This day is holy to the LORD your God, so you are not to mourn or cry.
Nehemiah 10:1
The first to sign was the governor, Nehemiah son of Hacaliah, and then Zedekiah signed. The following also signed:
Ezra 2:63
The Jewish governor told them that they could not eat the food offered to God until there was a priest who could use the Urim and Thummim.
that they should
Leviticus 2:3
The rest of the grain offering belongs to the priests; it is very holy, since it is taken from the food offered to the LORD.
Leviticus 2:10
The rest of the offering belongs to the priests; it is very holy, since it is taken from the food offered to the LORD.
Leviticus 6:17
(SEE 6:16)
Leviticus 7:19
If the meat comes into contact with anything ritually unclean, it must not be eaten, but must be burned. Any of you that are ritually clean may eat the meat,
Leviticus 7:20
but if any of you who are not clean eat it, you shall no longer be considered one of God's people.
Leviticus 10:17
"Why didn't you eat the sin offering in a sacred place? It is very holy, and the LORD has given it to you in order to take away the sin of the community.
Leviticus 10:18
Since its blood was not brought into the sacred Tent, you should have eaten the sacrifice there, as I commanded."
Leviticus 21:21-23
No descendant of Aaron the priest who has any physical defects may present the food offering to me.
Such a man may eat the food offered to me, both the holy food offering and the very holy food offering,
but because he has a physical defect, he shall not come near the sacred curtain or approach the altar. He must not profane these holy things, because I am the LORD and I make them holy."
till there
Exodus 28:30
Put the Urim and Thummim in the breastpiece, so that Aaron will carry them when he comes into my holy presence. At such times he must always wear this breastpiece, so that he can determine my will for the people of Israel.
Numbers 27:21
He will depend on Eleazar the priest, who will learn my will by using the Urim and Thummim. In this way Eleazar will direct Joshua and the whole community of Israel in all their affairs."
Deuteronomy 33:8
About the tribe of Levi he said: "You, LORD, reveal your will by the Urim and Thummim Through your faithful servants, the Levites; You put them to the test at Massah And proved them true at the waters of Meribah.