Bible Cross References
Ezra 7:7
(SEE 7:6)
Joshua 9:21
Let them live, but they will have to cut wood and carry water for us." This was what the leaders suggested.
Joshua 9:23
Because you did this, God has condemned you. Your people will always be slaves, cutting wood and carrying water for the sanctuary of my God."
Joshua 9:27
But at the same time he made them slaves, to cut wood and carry water for the people of Israel and for the LORD's altar. To this day they have continued to do this work in the place where the LORD has chosen to be worshiped.
1 Chronicles 9:2
The first to return to their property in the cities included Israelite citizens, priests, Levites, and Temple workers.
Nehemiah 3:26
(SEE 3:25)
Nehemiah 7:60
The total number of descendants of the Temple workers and of Solomon's servants who returned from exile was 392.
1 Kings 9:21
(SEE 9:20)