Bible Cross References
over all the treasures
1 Chronicles 18:11
King David dedicated them for use in worship, along with the silver and gold he took from the nations he conquered---Edom, Moab, Ammon, Philistia, and Amalek.
1 Chronicles 22:14
As for the Temple, by my efforts I have accumulated almost four thousand tons of gold and nearly forty thousand tons of silver to be used in building it. Besides that, there is an unlimited supply of bronze and iron. I also have wood and stone ready, but you must get more.
1 Chronicles 29:2-9
I have made every effort to prepare materials for the Temple---gold, silver, bronze, iron, timber, precious stones and gems, stones for mosaics, and quantities of marble.
Over and above all this that I have provided, I have given silver and gold from my personal property because of my love for God's Temple.
I have given 115 tons of the finest gold and 265 tons of pure silver for decorating the walls of the Temple
and for all the objects which the skilled workers are to make. Now who else is willing to give a generous offering to the LORD?"
Then the heads of the clans, the officials of the tribes, the commanders of the army, and the administrators of the royal property volunteered to give
the following for the work on the Temple: 190 tons of gold, 380 tons of silver, 675 tons of bronze, and 3,750 tons of iron.
Those who had precious stones gave them to the Temple treasury, which was administered by Jehiel of the Levite clan of Gershon.
The people had given willingly to the LORD, and they were happy that so much had been given. King David also was extremely happy.
Numbers 31:30-52
From the part given to the rest of the people, take one out of every fifty prisoners and the same proportion of the cattle, donkeys, sheep, and goats. Give them to the Levites who are in charge of the LORD's Tent."
Moses and Eleazar did what the LORD commanded.
The following is a list of what was captured by the soldiers, in addition to what they kept for themselves: 675,000 sheep and goats, 72,000 cattle, 61,000 donkeys, and 32,000 virgins.
(SEE 31:32)
(SEE 31:32)
(SEE 31:32)
The half share of the soldiers was 337,500 sheep and goats, of which 675 were the tax for the LORD; 36,000 cattle for the soldiers, of which 72 were the tax for the LORD; 30,500 donkeys for the soldiers, of which 61 were the tax for the LORD; and 16,000 virgins for the soldiers, of which 32 were the tax for the LORD.
(SEE 31:36)
(SEE 31:36)
(SEE 31:36)
(SEE 31:36)
So Moses gave Eleazar the tax as a special contribution to the LORD, as the LORD had commanded.
The share of the community was the same as that for the soldiers: 337,500 sheep and goats, 36,000 cattle, 30,500 donkeys, and 16,000 virgins.
(SEE 31:42)
(SEE 31:42)
(SEE 31:42)
(SEE 31:42)
From this share Moses took one out of every fifty prisoners and animals, and as the LORD had commanded, gave them to the Levites who were in charge of the LORD's Tent.
Then the officers who had commanded the army went to Moses
and reported, "Sir, we have counted the soldiers under our command and not one of them is missing.
So we are bringing the gold ornaments, armlets, bracelets, rings, earrings, and necklaces that each of us has taken. We offer them to the LORD as a payment for our lives, so that he will protect us."
Moses and Eleazar received the gold, all of which was in the form of ornaments.
The total contribution of the officers weighed over four hundred pounds.