Bible Cross References
with trumpets
Numbers 10:8
The trumpets are to be blown by Aaron's sons, the priests. "The following rule is to be observed for all time to come.
2 Chronicles 5:12
(SEE 5:11)
2 Chronicles 5:13
(SEE 5:11)
2 Chronicles 13:12
God himself is our leader and his priests are here with trumpets, ready to blow them and call us to battle against you. People of Israel, don't fight against the LORD, the God of your ancestors! You can't win!"
2 Chronicles 29:26-28
instruments like those that King David had used. The priests also stood there with trumpets.
Hezekiah gave the order for the burnt offering to be presented; and as the offering began, the people sang praise to the LORD, and the musicians began to play the trumpets and all the other instruments.
Everyone who was there joined in worship, and the singing and the rest of the music continued until all the sacrifices had been burned.