Bible Cross References
1 Chronicles 12:28
(SEE 12:23)
1 Chronicles 18:16
Zadok son of Ahitub and Ahimelech son of Abiathar were priests; Seraiah was court secretary;
1 Samuel 22:20-23
But Abiathar, one of Ahimelech's sons, escaped, and went and joined David.
He told him how Saul had slaughtered the priests of the LORD.
David said to him, "When I saw Doeg there that day, I knew that he would be sure to tell Saul. So I am responsible for the death of all your relatives.
Stay with me and don't be afraid. Saul wants to kill both you and me, but you will be safe with me."
2 Samuel 8:17
Zadok son of Ahitub and Ahimelech son of Abiathar were priests; Seraiah was the court secretary;
2 Samuel 15:24-29
Zadok the priest was there, and with him were the Levites, carrying the sacred Covenant Box. They set it down and didn't pick it up again until all the people had left the city. The priest Abiathar was there too.
Then the king said to Zadok, "Take the Covenant Box back to the city. If the LORD is pleased with me, some day he will let me come back to see it and the place where it stays.
But if he isn't pleased with me---well, then, let him do to me what he wishes."
And he went on to say to Zadok, "Look, take your son Ahimaaz and Abiathar's son Jonathan and go back to the city in peace.
Meanwhile, I will wait at the river crossings in the wilderness until I receive news from you."
So Zadok and Abiathar took the Covenant Box back into Jerusalem and stayed there.
2 Samuel 15:35-29
2 Samuel 20:25
Sheva was the court secretary; Zadok and Abiathar were the priests,
1 Kings 2:35
The king made Benaiah commander of the army in Joab's place and put Zadok the priest in Abiathar's place.