Bible Cross References
made a navy
2 Chronicles 8:12
Solomon offered sacrifices to the LORD on the altar which he had built in front of the Temple.
2 Chronicles 8:17
Then Solomon went to Eziongeber and Elath, ports on the shore of the Gulf of Aqaba, in the land of Edom.
2 Chronicles 8:18-11
1 Kings 22:48
King Jehoshaphat had ocean-going ships built to sail to the land of Ophir for gold; but they were wrecked at Eziongeber and never sailed.
Numbers 33:35
(SEE 33:15)
Deuteronomy 2:8
"So we moved on and left the road that goes from the towns of Elath and Eziongeber to the Dead Sea, and we turned northeast toward Moab.
2 Kings 14:22
Uzziah reconquered and rebuilt Elath after his father's death.