Bible Cross References
And Hiram sent to the king sixscore talents of gold.
1 Kings 9:11
King Hiram of Tyre had provided him with all the cedar and pine and with all the gold he wanted for this work. After it was finished, King Solomon gave Hiram twenty towns in the region of Galilee.
1 Kings 9:28
They sailed to the land of Ophir and brought back to Solomon about sixteen tons of gold.
1 Kings 10:10
She presented to King Solomon the gifts she had brought: almost five tons of gold and a very large amount of spices and jewels. The amount of spices she gave him was by far the greatest that he ever received at any time.
1 Kings 10:14
Every year King Solomon received over twenty-five tons of gold,
1 Kings 10:21
All of Solomon's drinking cups were made of gold, and all the utensils in the Hall of the Forest of Lebanon were of pure gold. No silver was used, since it was not considered valuable in Solomon's day.