Bible Cross References
another court
2 Kings 20:4
Isaiah left the king, but before he had passed through the central courtyard of the palace the LORD told him
an house
1 Kings 3:1
Solomon made an alliance with the king of Egypt by marrying his daughter. He brought her to live in David's City until he had finished building his palace, the Temple, and the wall around Jerusalem.
1 Kings 9:24
Solomon filled in the land on the east side of the city, after his wife, the daughter of the king of Egypt, had moved from David's City to the palace Solomon built for her.
2 Chronicles 8:11
Solomon moved his wife, the daughter of the king of Egypt, from David's City to a house he built for her. He said, "She must not live in the palace of King David of Israel, because any place where the Covenant Box has been is holy."