Bible Cross References
2 Samuel 10:11
Joab said to him, "If you see that the Syrians are defeating me, come and help me, and if the Ammonites are defeating you, I will go and help you.
2 Samuel 10:14
When the Ammonites saw the Syrians running away, they fled from Abishai and retreated into the city. Then Joab turned back from fighting the Ammonites and went back to Jerusalem.
2 Samuel 12:26-31
Meanwhile Joab continued his campaign against Rabbah, the capital city of Ammon, and was about to capture it.
He sent messengers to David to report: "I have attacked Rabbah and have captured its water supply.
Now gather the rest of your forces, attack the city and take it yourself. I don't want to get the credit for capturing it."
So David gathered his forces, went to Rabbah, attacked it, and conquered it.
From the head of the idol of the Ammonite god Molech David took a gold crown which weighed about seventy-five pounds and had a jewel in it. David took the jewel and put it in his own crown. He also took a large amount of loot from the city
and put its people to work with saws, iron hoes, and iron axes, and forced them to work at making bricks. He did the same to the people of all the other towns of Ammon. Then he and his men returned to Jerusalem.
1 Chronicles 18:11
King David dedicated them for use in worship, along with the silver and gold he took from the nations he conquered---Edom, Moab, Ammon, Philistia, and Amalek.