Bible Cross References
who hath
Genesis 48:16
May the angel, who has rescued me from all harm, bless them! May my name and the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac live on through these boys! May they have many children, many descendants!"
1 Kings 1:29
Then he said to her, "I promise you by the living LORD, who has rescued me from all my troubles,
Psalm 31:5-7
I place myself in your care. You will save me, LORD; you are a faithful God.
You hate those who worship false gods, but I trust in you.
I will be glad and rejoice because of your constant love. You see my suffering; you know my trouble.
Psalm 34:6
The helpless call to him, and he answers; he saves them from all their troubles.
Psalm 34:7
His angel guards those who honor the LORD and rescues them from danger.
Psalm 34:17
The righteous call to the LORD, and he listens; he rescues them from all their troubles.
Psalm 34:22
The LORD will save his people; those who go to him for protection will be spared.
Psalm 71:23
I will shout for joy as I play for you; with my whole being I will sing because you have saved me.
Psalm 103:4
He keeps me from the grave and blesses me with love and mercy.
Psalm 106:10
He saved them from those who hated them; he rescued them from their enemies.
Psalm 107:2
Repeat these words in praise to the LORD, all you whom he has saved. He has rescued you from your enemies
2 Timothy 4:17
But the Lord stayed with me and gave me strength, so that I was able to proclaim the full message for all the Gentiles to hear; and I was rescued from being sentenced to death.
2 Timothy 4:18
And the Lord will rescue me from all evil and take me safely into his heavenly Kingdom. To him be the glory forever and ever! Amen.