Bible Cross References
sat in the gate
2 Samuel 18:4
"I will do whatever you think best," the king answered. Then he stood by the side of the gate as his men marched out in units of a thousand and of a hundred.
2 Samuel 18:24
David was sitting in the space between the inner and outer gates of the city. The lookout went up to the top of the wall and stood on the roof of the gateway; he looked out and saw a man running alone.
for Israel
2 Samuel 19:3
They went back into the city quietly, like soldiers who are ashamed because they are running away from battle.
2 Samuel 18:6-8
David's army went out into the countryside and fought the Israelites in Ephraim Forest.
The Israelites were defeated by David's men; it was a terrible defeat, with twenty thousand men killed that day.
The fighting spread over the countryside, and more men died in the forest than were killed in battle.
1 Kings 22:36
Near sunset the order went out through the Israelite ranks: "Each of you go back to your own country and city!"
2 Kings 14:12
Amaziah's army was defeated, and all his soldiers fled to their homes.