Bible Cross References
fear not
Genesis 45:5
Now do not be upset or blame yourselves because you sold me here. It was really God who sent me ahead of you to save people's lives.
Matthew 14:27
Jesus spoke to them at once. "Courage!" he said. "It is I. Don't be afraid!"
Luke 24:37
They were terrified, thinking that they were seeing a ghost.
Luke 24:38
But he said to them, "Why are you alarmed? Why are these doubts coming up in your minds?
for am I
Genesis 30:2
Jacob became angry with Rachel and said, "I can't take the place of God. He is the one who keeps you from having children."
Deuteronomy 32:35
The LORD will take revenge and punish them; the time will come when they will fall; the day of their doom is near.
2 Kings 5:7
When the king of Israel read the letter, he tore his clothes in dismay and exclaimed, "How can the king of Syria expect me to cure this man? Does he think that I am God, with the power of life and death? It's plain that he is trying to start a quarrel with me!"
Job 34:19-29
He does not take the side of rulers nor favor the rich over the poor, for he created everyone.
We may suddenly die at night. God strikes us down and we perish; he kills the mighty with no effort at all.
He watches every step we take.
There is no darkness dark enough to hide a sinner from God.
God does not need to set a time for us to go and be judged by him.
He does not need an investigation to remove leaders and replace them with others.
Because he knows what they do; he overthrows them and crushes them by night.
He punishes sinners where all can see it,
because they have stopped following him and ignored all his commands.
They forced the poor to cry out to God, and he heard their calls for help.
If God decided to do nothing at all, no one could criticize him. If he hid his face, we would be helpless.
Romans 12:19
Never take revenge, my friends, but instead let God's anger do it. For the scripture says, "I will take revenge, I will pay back, says the Lord."
Hebrews 10:30
For we know who said, "I will take revenge, I will repay"; and who also said, "The Lord will judge his people."