Bible Cross References
Not so
Genesis 19:18
But Lot answered, "No, please don't make us do that, sir.
Exodus 10:11
No! Only the men may go and worship the LORD if that is what you want." With that, Moses and Aaron were driven out of the king's presence.
Matthew 25:9
'No, indeed,' the wise ones answered, 'there is not enough for you and for us. Go to the store and buy some for yourselves.'
Acts 10:14
But Peter said, "Certainly not, Lord! I have never eaten anything ritually unclean or defiled."
Acts 11:8
But I said, 'Certainly not, Lord! No ritually unclean or defiled food has ever entered my mouth.'
for this
Genesis 27:15
Then she took Esau's best clothes, which she kept in the house, and put them on Jacob.
Genesis 29:26
Laban answered, "It is not the custom here to give the younger daughter in marriage before the older.
Genesis 43:33
The brothers had been seated at the table, facing Joseph, in the order of their age from the oldest to the youngest. When they saw how they had been seated, they looked at one another in amazement.
Genesis 49:3
"Reuben, my first-born, you are my strength And the first child of my manhood, The proudest and strongest of all my sons.