Bible Cross References
Genesis 31:37
Now that you have searched through all my belongings, what household article have you found that belongs to you? Put it out here where your men and mine can see it, and let them decide which one of us is right.
1 Samuel 26:23
The LORD rewards those who are faithful and righteous. Today he put you in my power, but I did not harm you, whom the LORD made king.
2 Samuel 22:21
The LORD rewards me because I do what is right; he blesses me because I am innocent.
Psalm 37:6
he will make your righteousness shine like the noonday sun.
Isaiah 59:12
" LORD, our crimes against you are many. Our sins accuse us. We are well aware of them all.
in time to come
Exodus 13:14
In the future, when your son asks what this observance means, you will answer him, 'By using great power the LORD brought us out of Egypt, the place where we were slaves.