Bible Cross References
my wives
Genesis 29:19
Laban answered, "I would rather give her to you than to anyone else; stay here with me."
Genesis 29:20
Jacob worked seven years so that he could have Rachel, and the time seemed like only a few days to him, because he loved her.
Genesis 29:30
Jacob had intercourse with Rachel also, and he loved her more than Leah. Then he worked for Laban another seven years.
Genesis 31:26
Laban said to Jacob, "Why did you deceive me and carry off my daughters like women captured in war?
Genesis 31:31
Jacob answered, "I was afraid, because I thought that you might take your daughters away from me.
Genesis 31:41
It was like that for the whole twenty years I was with you. For fourteen years I worked to win your two daughters---and six years for your flocks. And even then, you changed my wages ten times.
Hosea 12:12
Our ancestor Jacob had to flee to Mesopotamia, where, in order to get a wife, he worked for another man and took care of his sheep.
for thou
Genesis 30:29
Jacob answered, "You know how I have worked for you and how your flocks have prospered under my care.
Genesis 30:30
The little you had before I came has grown enormously, and the LORD has blessed you wherever I went. Now it is time for me to look out for my own interests."
Genesis 31:6
You both know that I have worked for your father with all my strength.
Genesis 31:38-40
I have been with you now for twenty years; your sheep and your goats have not failed to reproduce, and I have not eaten any rams from your flocks.
Whenever a sheep was killed by wild animals, I always bore the loss myself. I didn't take it to you to show that it was not my fault. You demanded that I make good anything that was stolen during the day or during the night.
Many times I suffered from the heat during the day and from the cold at night. I was not able to sleep.