Bible Cross References
Genesis 27:4
Cook me some of that tasty food that I like, and bring it to me. After I have eaten it, I will give you my final blessing before I die."
Genesis 27:7
'Bring me an animal and cook it for me. After I have eaten it, I will give you my blessing in the presence of the LORD before I die.'
Genesis 27:9
Go to the flock and pick out two fat young goats, so that I can cook them and make some of that food your father likes so much.
Genesis 27:17
She handed him the tasty food, along with the bread she had baked.
Genesis 27:31
He also cooked some tasty food and took it to his father. He said, "Please, father, sit up and eat some of the meat that I have brought you, so that you can give me your blessing."
Genesis 25:28
Isaac preferred Esau, because he enjoyed eating the animals Esau killed, but Rebecca preferred Jacob.
Psalm 141:4
Keep me from wanting to do wrong and from joining evil people in their wickedness. May I never take part in their feasts.
Proverbs 23:2
If you have a big appetite, restrain yourself.
Proverbs 23:3
Don't be greedy for the fine food he serves; he may be trying to trick you.
Luke 21:34
"Be careful not to let yourselves become occupied with too much feasting and drinking and with the worries of this life, or that Day may suddenly catch you