Bible Cross References
Genesis 13:8
Then Abram said to Lot, "We are relatives, and your men and my men shouldn't be quarreling.
Genesis 13:9
So let's separate. Choose any part of the land you want. You go one way, and I'll go the other."
Proverbs 14:29
If you stay calm, you are wise, but if you have a hot temper, you only show how stupid you are.
Proverbs 15:1
A gentle answer quiets anger, but a harsh one stirs it up.
Proverbs 15:17
Better to eat vegetables with people you love than to eat the finest meat where there is hate.
Proverbs 15:18
Hot tempers cause arguments, but patience brings peace.
1 Peter 3:7
In the same way you husbands must live with your wives with the proper understanding that they are more delicate than you. Treat them with respect, because they also will receive, together with you, God's gift of life. Do this so that nothing will interfere with your prayers.
Genesis 24:10
The servant, who was in charge of Abraham's property, took ten of his master's camels and went to the city where Nahor had lived in northern Mesopotamia.
Job 2:6
So the LORD said to Satan, "All right, he is in your power, but you are not to kill him."
Psalm 106:41
He abandoned them to the power of the heathen, and their enemies ruled over them.
Psalm 106:42
They were oppressed by their enemies and were in complete subjection to them.
Jeremiah 38:5
King Zedekiah answered, "Very well, then, do what you want to with him; I can't stop you."
as it pleaseth thee
Proverbs 29:19
You cannot correct servants just by talking to them. They may understand you, but they will pay no attention.
Exodus 2:15
When the king heard about what had happened, he tried to have Moses killed, but Moses fled and went to live in the land of Midian. One day, when Moses was sitting by a well, seven daughters of Jethro, the priest of Midian, came to draw water and fill the troughs for their father's sheep and goats.
Proverbs 27:8
Anyone away from home is like a bird away from its nest.
Ecclesiastes 10:4
If your ruler becomes angry with you, do not hand in your resignation; serious wrongs may be pardoned if you keep calm.