Fundraiser 2017-2018-Charge of the Light Brigade

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Thank you for your interest in CMUSA! Bro. Jed and Company are sharing the Gospel on a college campus every school day from the middle of August through the first week of June. Our travel expenses are covered by the generous donations of people like you who believe in our mission. You are a vital part of the work! Thank you for joining the team.

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Fundraiser 2017-2018-Charge of the Light Brigade

 "Are you a Christian?" Bro. Jed asked Andrew, a student, who had been listening to the preaching all afternoon. 

"Borderline," answered Andrew, who was drawn to the hope that the campus preachers offer a lost generation. 

Bro. Jed read John 3:16-18 and then asked, “Would you be willing to receive Christ as your Lord and Savior?” 

Andrew answered, “Yes.”  Bro. Jed led him in a prayer of repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus. 


   Recently, Bro. Jed memorized Tennyson’s poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade  which dramatically tells of a charge of  BritishThe Light Bigrade  light cavalry led by Lord Cardigan against Russian forces during the Battle of Balaclava on October 25, 1854, in the Crimean War. 

   One historian called the battle, “An unbelievably daring, borderline-foolhardy suicide charge against impossible odds, carried out without a single complaint, and executed with a greater degree of success than anyone could possibly have hoped.”





“Forward, the Light Brigade! 

Charge for the guns!” he said. 

Into the Valley of Death 

Rode the six hundred.


   For 45 years Bro. Jed has led the charge into Valley of Death our college campuses.


Cannon to right of them, 

Cannon to left of them, 

Cannon in front of them 

Volleyed and thundered; 

Stormed at with shot and shell, 

Boldly they rode and well, 

Into the jaws of Death, 

Into the mouth of Hell 

Rode the six hundred.


   Our mission has been one of mercy to rescue our perishing youth, like Andrew, from the “jaws of Death” and the “mouth of Hell.”Brother Jed leads the way

   From the beginning some have called our mission “fool-hardy” or “impossible,” but we take heart knowing that ours was not a blundered order, but the command of the Lord of Hosts! We have seen the fruit of our obedience!

   Our Light Brigade, Bro. Jed and Company will charge the campuses on Aug. 21 at high noon. For 39 weeks our Calvary will spend five hours a day, five days a week, face-to-face, eyeball to eyeball snatching America’s children from the powers of Satan. Our weapons are the Lance of Faith, the Sabre of Hope and the Dagger of Love. We are committed to changing the world, one student at a time!

   I was on the phone praying with one of our supporters a few days ago and she saw a vision of “Bro. Jed and Sis. Cindy on the front lines and an army of students following them as they  proclaimed the Gospel and nothing could hurt them.”

   Friend, will you join The Charge Of The Light Brigade as we take the Truth to those who need it desperately?

   This is what we are praying for:


Ten ONE-TIME gifts of $1000 (for reserve travel fund)

Ten New Pledges of $100 monthly

Ten New Pledges of $50 monthly

Twenty-Seven New Pledges of $27 monthly


   We are asking for these gifts above what we are now receiving. If you are already committed to supporting CMUSA please continue and increase as you can. Also please share with your friends and family the opportunity to be a part of our Light Brigade. You will Sis. Cindyshare in the rewards!

  In Service to the Lord of Hosts, Sis. Cindy, The Wife



or call 573-999-0346

or mail a check to


PO Box Box 3845

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